Porcelain and light

Inspired by the grand lamps in the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, the Cirio Family provides a rich, endless spectacle of light. Its porcelain shades hand crafted in Sargadelos (Galicia, Spain) filter the light allowing illumination bearing the warmth of a candle.

Designed by Antoni Arola, this family consists of LED capsules and porcelain shades: it is an object that blends technology and craftsmanship, innovation and traditional craft.

Since 2010, Sargadelos and Santa & Cole have pooled their know-how in order to create the shades for the Cirio lamp. Sargadelos is a ceramics company that also champions promotion of the arts, local craftsmanship and the dissemination of Galician culture. Though its history goes back more than two hundred years, it was in the 1960s that Sargadelos came to stand for avant-garde work, taking over from Laboratorio de Formas in Galicia in its pursuit of objects that fuse art and function.

Porcelain is a noble, delicate material

Getting the right sort of light requires a specific thickness. Each shade is individually produced using a process that takes time and requires the hands of expert craftspeople. This delicate process creates a unique object akin to a candle in terms of its shape, texture and warmth of light.

“We had to do a lot of tests with the Sargadelos development team to find the exact thickness that would give us the warmth of light we were looking for.”

Antoni Arola


Cirio conceals a great many details

Its shades are polished on the outside but with a matte finish on the inside. While this feature is invisible to the naked eye, the interior matte finish keeps the light from bouncing off so that it is uniformly projected, while the shiny exterior finish allows the light to be reflected, thus enhancing its volume.

When switched on, the light tinges the white porcelain golden. From the simplicity of its structure to each individual point of light, the delicacy of its warm radiance makes a great light pendant.


“Cirio was created to be a large circular lamp for public indoor spaces. But when we saw the effect of the porcelain with the LED light capsules, we realised that this combination could have many shapes and uses. That was when Cirio became a system with the lamps in bigger or smaller circles, in a line, or standalone – a rich, infinite show of plays on composition.”

Antoni Arola

Whether on its own or accompanied, the Cirio lamp fuses structures, shades and light textures to effectively meet any need owing to the extensive range of uses and formats available.


“Objects always have a symbolic quality. Cirio represents moments of meetings, assemblies, fora… It is not a lamp for a private room; it is a lamp for shared spaces.”

Antoni Arola